Deck Restoration in Green Mountain, NC

We recived a opportunity to restore two decks that had not been cleaned or stained in 20 years. There was a few boards to replace, and then we had to soft wash the wood, removing dirt, moss, organics, and prepping it for the stain. We used a stain sprayer, then we backed brush all the areas of wood,and made sure we sealed all the wood 10000 percent. Our product is a oil based stain from Stain&Seal Experts deck stain. This product not only protects the wood, it rejuvenates it, but also has top grade pigment color in it to last longer and look better. We will do maintenance coats every 3 years to give them the best benefits of the stain and extend the lifetime of the wood.

Client Review: Tim and his staff pressure washed, treated and stained my 22 year old deck and it looks fantastic. In fact a friend come over the other day and ask me if I had gotten a new deck!!! The price was reasonable, particularly the quantity of labor and the quality of Tim’s work and expertise. I could not recommend WishnWash Services more highly!
– E W

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