Roof and Paver Sand and Seal, Weaverville, NC

We use Home Advisor for access to clients. Our clients find us through Home Advisor, they originally wanted only a roof cleaning. As we walked the property I nocticed that there paver driveway needed to be cleaned, sealed and resanded. We talked about how theses services would help improve the curb appeal of the home, add longevity to the exteriors, and protection to the pavers. As suggested we used the best sealing products in the business, Trident sealent. They have great product and excellent customer service. So our crew softwashed the roof, cleaned the stone patio, and cleaned, sanded, sealed the paver driveway. With regular maintenance you can up to 25 percent more life to your roofing shingle, and years to your pavers if you keep them cleaned, sanded and sealed.

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