Roof Cleaning on Lynx Drive in Black Mountain, NC

We received a call from a HOA with 6 buildings/24 condos needing their roofs cleaned. They had not cleaned their roofs in 7 to 10 years, so yes they was covered with gleocapsa magma/black streaks. Our process uses our softwash system to apply a professional solution to the roofs, which will kill the organics, and help to remove them from the roof. The process will not only help the roofs to look better without causing damage, it will also add up to 25 percent more life to the shingles, and improve the efficiency, saving you money over the life of the roof if kept clean. We recommend having your roof cleaned every 2 to 5 years depending on your location and moisture. Hire professionals, if not and you hire someone that isn’t trained correctly to clean your roof, they could destroy your roof with high pressure, void any manufacturer warranties, and create property damage due to not understanding how to correctly use the cleaning solutions. Reach out to WishnWash Services, if you have any questions or need a free estimate. Go to or call 828-284-0823

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